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Small Farm, Big Fun

Find your Fun on the Farm

Welcome to TipTop farm and garden. The small farm that offers big fun in beautiful Stockholm, Wisconsin on the great River Road. We believe in creating a place where everyone is welcome and that will leave each guest with a new understanding of the importance of the small farm in America.

Beet Greens

Who We Are

TipTop is managed with good practice in mind for the health of the soil, the water, and most importantly the animals we care for. Everything we offer and do here at TipTop is with your health and the wellbeing of the animals and the earth in mind. Our Chickens roam free all day, while our goat's lounge in the shade of the barn and do what goats do best, beg for treats from visitors. Our gardens are hand-tilled and worked by hand. We offer what the seasons and mother nature provides on a seasonal basis. Our famous hayrides are both fun and entertaining with both preset and custom destinations.


What We Offer

Matt and Dan enjoy the opportunity to provide our guests and customers with the very best a seasonal farm has to offer. We grow and raise what the months provide. All of our products are raised with compassion for the earth and the animals that provide. We partner with Blue Echo Farm to showcase the strength of our farming community. Our seasonal hayrides are both fun and entertaining for kids and adults. Although we do both work off-farm, it is our hope to someday make our farm an economically sustainable operation.

Beet Greens
Beet Greens

Matt and Dan created TipTop to be a welcoming farm that creates memories for you and your family. We believe that every person deserves good food, produced with a sense of well-being and nourish the mind and body.


“Perfect fall destination, beautiful scenery, and very friendly animals (especially the goats!)”

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